New blog is finally here

At long last my new custom blog is finally ready, go over to and see what we are up to, see you there .....

Custom Blog !!

Sorry for no bloggy blog lately ive been swamped with getting albums out for my brides before xmas, as well as working on the new site (check it out) which in live but not quite finished. the most exciting thing is the new custom blog which is looking awesome there a few more tweaks to do by the guys at Into The Darkroom over in arizona then we should be live and i promise to blog everyday there is a screen shot of a bit of it here.




New custom blog is nearly here
Model shoot

This is one of last weeks model shoots at the studio- more to come soon....

Dont for get to click image to see bigger

Dsc_3861 Dsc_3807
Harvest time (Clumber Park)

click me baby one more time

hey just a reminder to click on an image to see it bigger then click it again to shrink it, if only everything in life was this simple.


If You go down to the woods today

Just goes to show that even in the middle of nowhere in derelict farm buildings the light and surroundings can still be Ab Fab for photography, also helps when you have a fantastic girl in front of the camera


Image of the day

Sorry for the delay in posts on my blog, swamped at the moment my weddings in Nottingham have gone crazy 5 in 8 days. I will try to post more as i plow through my images. This image is from the the wedding of Anne Marie And Joe at Morley Hayes i will post a collage from each of the weddings as soon as i can. K*

Image of the day (the long walk home)
Look into the light

Four very similar shots just moving the face slightly to pickup the light to accentuate the bone structure of Amys face. These shots were taken in the financial district in birmingham, the light was very harsh on the day but we managed to have a fantastic wedding and at the height of the shoot we had over a hundred or so spectators who were on there lunch break (monday wedding). Please click each image to see a larger version, the quality has dropped slightly as i have had to shrink to fit on blog.......

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